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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  September 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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>> and a fat check for unlv's football program, could the same hatch for the stadium? >> news3 starts right now. >> we begin with a story of a parent of a five-year-old boy with autism. they say their son wandered off unsupervised outside stuky elementary. i'm reed cowan in for jim snyder. >> and i'm marie mortera. they were doing what they were supposed to do. >> school district officials say they are investigating what happened at this elementary school, no case is too small and they want to make sure kids are safe. parents say they are bringing their child into school instead of allowing him to ride the school bus.
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krol, he has energy like any child his age but when his dad heard his mildly autistic child wandered off, after getting off the school bus. he was shocked and angry. >> what i'd like to see is a plan by the school district as to how it intends to prevent this from ever happening again. >> krol says watched video. he was found by a neighbor who recognized he was in the playground unsupervised. >> the woman who took him off was able to take him by the hand, which leads me to believe anyone could have led him anywhere. the principal told me point blank that this employee did not
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district said staff followed protocol. they lock the gates and sweep the grounds before school start but at that point they were still look locking up. it leaves the parent uneasy. >> i expect my child to be supervised when he gets to school especially when he's five years old and autistic. >> back out here, the school is actively situation. as for the parents they expect some disciplinary action that should take place. reporting live i'm christy wilcox. send it back to the studio. >> christy, thank you. same substance that closed school officials to close walter johnson junior high school last
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piece by piece testing for mercury. parents we spoke to say they still want answers. >> my questions are who brought it in, how did they get it? that's not a minimum amount of mercury that was brought in. it was a good amount. how did you get your hands on that? >> the cleanup should be done by thursday. the family may be allowed to move back in by the weekend. >> her people for this very moment. now david crosstisk is a convicted murderer. >> reed, imagine waiting seven years for justice. today inside that building a family got the answers they have been waiting for. >> for robin jenkins family seven years ended in a moment.
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killer was convicted. >> i don't have to say alleged anymore, i could say the murderer being able to say that an acknowledgment of the killer here. >> robin said he never thought it would be that long. his daughter called her david frostick was in the home. victor listened to what he believes was his daughter's killing. >> one of t daughter before she was killed, i said what can i do? she was in the room with her killer. i said what can i do, she said stay on the phone and that really brought us to this day. because i stayed on the phone and heard her being murdered. >> it took a jury only hours to
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why did it take so long? >> there are going to be many closures on this before i really am at peace with what occurred and i don't know if that peace will ever be achieved. >> part of that peace that they talk about is dealing with this and talking about it publicly. they are now advocates for domestic violence and say they hope this story cana some positive change in the future. john treanor, news3. >> now to a developing story about a dozen protesters showed up outside a federal courthouse in portland oregon. the trial of ammon and ryan bun dibegan today. prosecutors say they broke the law when they seized the refuge.
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peacefully protest the imprisonment of two okay ranchers accused of setting fires. a man is going to spend time behind bars. back in june he tried to grab a gun and shoot trump, outside a speech at treasure island. family says he mental health problems. they hope he can serve his time in england not the united states. >> now an update to a story we brought you last night at 11:00. a restaurant was opened after the health department closed it for bed bugs.
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the bug bites she received while eating breakfast. people believe the bed bussing may have been there for a while. searching for a teenager 17-year-old ellen purna was last seen in henderson september 15th of last year. national center of missing and exploited children could be still in the valley. le you can call crime stoppers 702-382-5555. dramatic video. three phoenix police officers, you see that car plow into them? throwing one officer far in the air. one officer was on the first day of the job while training.
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another officer broke his leg. the third suffered minor injuries. the driver prosecutors say targeted the police officers. social media fire storm following 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. this is in response to the former unr protest. first time it's been used as a door mat. >> famous artist of a generation was killed 20 years ago, off the strip. tupak shakur was shot in 1996, on the strip. considered one of the most influential hip hop artists.
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has never been found. earlier on our facebook page we asked how you remember tupak? others voted for his poetry and civil rights activism. there is still time to vote. just head over to our facebook page to weigh in. coming up. it is the biggest gift in the history of unlv athletics. >> the impact the donation could actually have to b raiders to las vegas. >> 89?, 95 was our norm. we are going to be below normal, we're going to like the forecast coming up. >> a turf war that could end
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?? ?? ?? ?? a significant donation from a prominent local family could be a very real game changer for the unlv program. >> and some are saying that gift could even lead to bigger things. gerard ramalho joins us from the campus and gerard we are talking about a donation of0 >> that's right reed. it's coming from the furtida family. they own station casinos and they say the $10 million donation will go to development of a brand-new football complex at the campus. now all we need is a brand-new stadium. >> it is our pleasure to
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athletics, a $10 million naming rights gift from the furtida family. >> it's christmas come early, not just for the football program but for fans of unlv athletics. the donation will go toward development of a 73,000 square foot two story football complex, training center, athletic center and media room all p >> this gift again allows us to take one piece of it which is unlv football and move it forward in a positive direction. >> reporter: many are also hoping that something else will come to fruition. a development of a state-of-the-art professional football stadium that would also double as a home for unlv. >> it would be something that would be honoring for those guys so it would definitely change
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athe strength coach for unlv football. a brand-new stadium fits nicely into the big picture. and you think this sports complex is kind of the first step in that? >> absolutely yes, sir, no question. >> reporter: and the timing of the donation is also interesting, as this week the fracture committee, the tourism infrastructure committee is due to finalize on the s its funding plan before it heads to the governor for approval. amber dixon will have more on the football program, the complex and what it means to the program. coming up. >> even more of a football town than it seems. thank you gerard. the department of public safety hosing a training academy for the first time in a decade.
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there for the next 16 weeks. before now, all recruits trained up in carson city. you could find a link on >> hillary clinton will get back on the travel trail thursday, 24 hours after she was supposed to make an appearance in las vegas. her husband former president bill clinton will appear instead, at the cheyenne campus. hillary has been recovering from a bout of pneumonia. today she read briefing material, made campaign calls while watching president obama campaign on her behalf in philadelphia. >> our mission is to better connect viewers to empower and
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we've ption gathered a large group of television stations, tell us what you want to know from the candidates. what you would ask donald trump, what you would ask hillary clinton, share your views with us at this is the way to do it. >> we're less than an hour away from hump day. our weather authority says look forward to >> jerry brown is up to it. hi jerry. >> hump day will probably be the nicest day of the work week. if there's any way to play hookie, go to it. shot of our valley, twinkling view of our valley. 72?, wind is blowing, south southwest at 18. i better move this on before it changes.
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are hardly anything, 24% and 22 mile-an-hour wind gusts earlier today. over las vegas, it is southwest winds at 6. i got to get out of here, these live upstairs are killing me. allian tervetione. elsewhere 25 to 35 miles an hour that was common. current wind speeds, at most, ten to 15 miles an hour. just as i said that they went to 20 miles an hour at mountain's edge that will be short lived i think. the low that's causing these winds is moving away so these winds are diminishing.
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charleston. know that they're going to be in the 30s overnight. couple of interesting things here. this wasn't on our earlier news but look down here off the florida-georgia coast. that's a tropical storm, julia, 40 mile-an-hour winds and not a major, major player but it's so close to the coast now, it is certainly a concern to georgia and up towards the meanwhile of less concern, hurricane orlean, a few clouds into the baja. now you can see the moisture moving across utah into idaho, by scieg country. for us our skies are clear and winds diminishing. as the winds accomplish with clear skies, temperatures will
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61 in boulder city. you get the idea you can open the windows tonight actually. it's going to be beautiful. highs in the 60s, and you if you want hotter you need to go into de death valley. >> 86 for a high tomorrow, dry, pleasant, light variable winds, really weather. 85 at 5:00 p.m. the seven-day forecast, i'll tell you all double digits though by monday close, ux to 99. look at that, low 90s thursday and friday and mid 90s. it's going to be warm this weekend but to not oppressively so. many as work weeks go it doesn't get much better than this.
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>> hump day unites. still to come a turf war over a tree house. >> a woman's fighting to keep her home from being torn down. next. >> wayne newton joins the roots. jimmy fallon with a danny tarkanian's carrying a lot of baggage. as a real-estate developer, tarkanian was penalized for failing to pay thousands in property taxes.
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the money back, forcing taxpayers to bail him out, leaving us holding the bag. danny tarkanian's out for himself, not us.
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>> new at 11 a self tree house she's lived in for decades. >> yes she said tree house and decades in the same sentence. it's become her home for 25 years. kind of comfortable actually. the county is asking her to take everything down. >> she says everything is up to code. if the county tries to demolish
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herself and others to the tree house. >> it's kind of cool to look at. coming up the former manager of the las vegas 51s, responds to allegations he was fired. >> that unprecedented donation, how it will be a game changer for unlv's football program. next in sports. >> how you can celebrate nevada day with some silver state
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>> a shot in the amp for unlv's football program. the furtidas, former owners of the towards the construction of this, the state-of-the-art football fraflt. this is what it will look like two stories, 73,000 square feet close to where the team plots is now. it will be called the furtida football complex, will house an athletic center, barber shop
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expected to cost 24 to $26 million. the university says it now has $60 million after the pledge of the furtidas. >> that would make the rest of the fundraising a lot easier. everybody knows their passion for football. they know football so this has got to be a good project. >> now we're providing the same quality experience that other teams in our conference, and in their conferences have. this is a needed piece of the puzzle. >> construction is expected to start in the spring and it should open ten months later. new stadium. rebels plan to play in the raiders stadium if it's built. speaking at thursday meeting
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to recommend or not recommend funding for it. >> wally backman denies reports that the parent club of the 51s fired him. he said i chose to resign because i didn't see a picture at the major league level for the mets. he did not follow mets orders how to utilize players on the 51s were false. >> they lied and that's the that pisses me off because i did nothing but help these guys. >> helped the mets beat the nats, 4-3.
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>> finally tonight former nevada lieutenant governor lonnie havergrim will continue a tradition this year. >> hoping to open his home to guests. full of amazing artifacts of the silver state. he has hosted open houses on nevada day since 1961. >> reed, check this out for yourself. we posted all the news youd in on [ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley, carol burnett,


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